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Apr 24

Streaming adult work

This page is definitely explicit. Doing work for my patreon! (The adult one.)

Apr 23

ever-e-ting asked: So does that mean you will or won't be there in person since you have someone selling for you at Fanime? Would be/have been pretty cool to see you in person after following you around for... damn, it's been years man.

I won’t be going most likely because it’s a weekend after acen, which I’ll be attending again - and it’d be too much to get some more prints and buttons ready for both conventions AND attend both AND also get all my comic stuff out on time! if they were spaced out better it’d be easier, but the timing just isn’t working out in my favor here :( my husband will be selling for me where I can’t go, though!

don’t get me wrong, I’d love to go, but I absolutely need to make sure I keep up my schedule for everything I’m doing first and foremost, as I don’t really ever like hiatuses on things and I don’t want to get a reputation for something like that, you know? next year though, if I get in, I’d like to go! I like meeting people at conventions, it just sucks when they’re so close together!

tsukiyuu asked: I remember you talking about Fanime awhile ago maybe. Are you still going for AA? //prays you got in. I'm a huge fan of your art and I heard you went to Sakuracon but I couldn't go to it ; A;

YEP marl is gonna be selling at fanime for me again!

Apr 22

toge-kick asked: I recently attended sakuracon this past weekend and went by your shop. I've been a fan ever since I found you. and I fell in love with your art. While at SAK I bought a print and a lot of buttons. Your print is now nicely framed and my buttons are hanging on my wall and all I can say is wow. Your art has brought so much joy to me and in my opinion that makes you a truly amazing artist. Yes some art looks cool but for a price of paper to make me emotionally attached to it says something

aw man! I’m super glad you were able to get some things you liked! I’m really glad you enjoy my art; it always makes me really happy when people like my stuff! thank you!

sunspotpony asked: Thank you for always being a major force of positivity and playfulness with your art and music and your presence in the art community on places like DA and Tumblr. You give us so much and encourage people to have fun and enjoy things. I really appreciate it and wanted to make sure that for whatever reasons you do art, post it online, etc, it's awesome and can (and does) brighten the days of others. So again, thank you. :)

Thank you for this extremely kind message! It means a lot to me to receive really nice words like this after working hard on something new to me. Thank you!

juneketsu asked: Hope this isn't too bothersome,but I'm pretty sure you've made stickers before, right. If so, where/how do I make them? Is there a reliable site that I can use to be the middleman or whatever? is pretty good! I used them for stickers and charms before

i cant even eat one peep who the hell is eating FOUR PEEPS AT ONCE

i cant even eat one peep who the hell is eating FOUR PEEPS AT ONCE

jazariz asked: will you be at acen again this year


hey wanna give me sample sounds?

i want to mess around with more samples and stuff, if any of you have good microphones or have good sounds i can use (they have to be made from you and you gotta give me permission to use them!) i’d appreciate that! i need to make some more myself but i also want to get sounds i wouldn’t think of from other people

things i’m ok with: any sort of mouth noise, from talking to singing to talking melodically or rhythmically, laughing, sighing, heavy breathing, coughing, etc

there’s no like GUARANTEE i’ll find a place to use every sound but i’ll definitely listen through so i can think of something i wanna do with em! you can use this to put the sounds on and just link me in a reply or something